T4G Labs - Impact Tech Fund

A YCombinator for impact tech that promotes high quality, free, open digital infrastructure to serve the most vulnerable.

What problem are we solving?

What problem are we solving?

Early this year, we were thinking - When people like us want to learn something, we hop on to unacademy, Edx, Coursera, IGNOU and within a few days, sometimes, even hours, we have acquired a new skill. The same holds true for school-aged kids. They learn by accessing khan academy videos, byjus, govt platforms, etc.

But, What about the millions of migrant laborers, domestic workers, small and marginal farmers who are a part of the same society? Who is thinking about similar platforms for them? Most of the digital infrastructure available today is not designed with the most vulnerable in mind. There is a scarcity of such digital infrastructure for those who need it most. At T4GLabs, we want to convert this scarcity to abundance.

We are guided by principles of societal platforms, FOSS and collective wisdom in our journey.

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Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

We dream of becoming the YCombinator for Impact tech.

Twice a year we invest small amounts of money and a lot of our time with 2-3 impactful changemakers working on urgent and important problems faced by the most vulnerable.

Once the NGO partners and problems are identified, We take an ecosystem approach and liaison with Funders, Technologists, IT Vendors, Nonprofits and Corporates to co-create a solution that not only solves the problem for our partner NGO but also allows other NGOs with similar problem to use the solution that has been built. This will in time promote an ecosystem of digital infrastructure for changemakers across the world.

We believe in Funding till Impact.

Our journey starts right from ideation. It continues with support in fundraising, co-designing the solution, managing development of the solution, advice in deployment and training, sustaining financially and troubleshooting to create impact on the ground. Read this blog about our method

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Our Impact

Can technology help migrant workers to access their basic rights as workers?